Workshop: “Parenting Skills: Developmental Stages and Emotional-Psychological Needs of Children”

کارگاه "مهارت‌های فرزندپروری: مراحل رشدی و نیازهای عاطفی-روانی کودکان

Workshop: “Parenting Skills: Developmental Stages and Emotional-Psychological Needs of Children

With Active Participation from NIKOO Parents: A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Parenting

The International Educational Complex of NIKOO, aiming to enhance the parenting process and raise parents’ awareness, hosted a specialized workshop on 17th and 25th of October. This workshop, titled “Parenting Skills: Developmental Stages and Emotional-Psychological Needs of Children,” was conducted separately for girls and boys in the NIKOO complex.

🎙️ Workshop Instructor:

Dr. Atiyeh Soroush, Clinical Psychologist and Head of the Counseling Department at NIKOO
🌱 Primary Goal:

To facilitate parenting based on the developmental stages and emotional-psychological needs of children from pre-school to high school
📚 Content:

  • Parenting Styles
  • Goal Setting in Parenting
  • Emotional-Psychological Needs of Children at Different Developmental Stages
  • Solutions and Appropriate Responses to Parents’ Challenges and Questions
  • Principles of Healthy Child Upbringing

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Acknowledgment and Thanks:

We sincerely thank all the dedicated parents who participated in this workshop. Your presence signifies your commitment to “Joyful Learning” and improving family relationships.

🎓 Certificates and Discounts:

Certificates will be awarded to all participants. Also, attending these introductory courses provides the opportunity for a ۵۰% discount on our advanced personal development courses.

📌 : If you’re interested in advancing your parenting skills, take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in our supplementary courses on parenting and personal development.

🌈 We continue to strive for “Joyful Learning,” and through these workshops, we aim to accompany the NIKOO family members on the path to healthy and effective child upbringing. 🌈