Department of Art

Department of Art


Why is art and creativity important for children and teenagers?

Art in children and teenagers at Nikoo International School

Your sweethearts have magical fingers to create colors and designs. Children and teenagers are masters of moments and owners of time. Children love any way they feel they can paint the paper and connect the object to the design.

Whether a glow of these colors is imprinted on the paper and design, whether only a vague image of shapes and concepts appears on them, it transforms their innermost thoughts and opens another world to their eyes.

Children even enjoy the sound of the brush passing through the texture of the paper and any sound that comes from the work they are creating.

Unlike adults, most toddlers and preschoolers do not do anything consciously and do not focus on the outcome of their creation.

Sometimes, it is hard for some parents to accept this ineffectiveness;

But parents should remember that this age is a critical period for their children and it is at this time that they can help their mental growth and strengthen and improve their inner talents and determine the path of life and its quality.

Therefore, allowing children to enjoy the process of their artistic creation in any dimension and image can have great rewards for the child and the family, and if they are allowed to be in the moment and express themselves in the moment, children can have amazing achievements in the long run.

Drawing lessons for teenagers step by step


The benefits of learning to draw for teenagers

Creation on the canvas brings forth creativity, gives teenagers a sense of creation and and results in peace of mind. Since it includes various techniques, we can expect a significant impact on the intellectual development of the teenager, massive contribution to the discovery student’s potential, and help in clarifying the artistic line of the teenager and even clarifying his life path.

Due to the sensitivities of this age group, the Visual Arts Course for Teenagers has been designed after multiple stages of studying and recognizing the behavioral signs of students of this category, and every effort of the group is made to connect teenagers with the school and classroom environment.

This had a great impact on increasing the motivation and eagerness to learn more in the students