Department of chemistry

Department of chemistry

Chemistry is the science of why. Everything that happens in our world definitely has a reason.

At Nikoo International School, efforts will be made to transfer the major part of the experiments in different academic courses to the students, mentioning the reasons for each experiment. It should be noted that due to the differences in the level of different age groups, the explanation of each test is different for different STAGES and it is explained at the level of their understanding.

If the correct methods of learning and teaching are in place, both the student and the teacher will be encouraged to continue working, but if we do not make a change, an undesirable situation will await us in the future, because students are inclined towards certification and one of the basic goals of education is the growth of creativity. They are moving away to build the future of the country.

In order to create interest, the classroom should be combined with practical work so that the contents are clear and clear based on the test of expression and a logical connection between the contents.

Another point is to engage the student with the problem he wants to learn. Repetition and practice causes continuity in learning. Creating a research field for students also adds to the quality of education.

Despite all efforts of the chemistry teachers, students always find chemistry incomprehensible and unapplicable, which necessitates a behavioral change in the way of learning chemistry so that the students can build the scientific future of the country with their creative mind. Otherwise, the material is simply memorized and after assessments, it is all forgotten.

According to the suggestions of the students, it is necessary to conduct experiments individually as much as possible, and also to be careful in providng the right cours material so that problems such as anxiety or stress are prevented.


The implemented method is effective in motivating and strengthening interest in studying chemistry, so with the active presence of students, the classroom can be changed to dynamic and lively.