Greetings Dear Parents and Students!

Our core belief at Nikoo International School is “good sense of learning”. We’d like to invite you to join us in celebrating this joy.

This form is intended to familiarize prospective students with the school, and to serve as the first line of communication between the school and respected families. For obvious reasons, the information in the form remains strictly confidential. The accuracy of the information will be decisive for effective communication and a prerequisite for successful admission.
Important notes before filing out this form:

* This form is completed by the students’ parents or legal guardian. All fields are required.
* Copy information accurately and according to birth certificate and passport.
* This form is considered as a pre-registration step only, and does not mean a successful registration has taken place.
* If you are not contacted by the end of June to complete the next steps of registration, leave the administration staff a message at +989368262898.

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