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Education has shifted in meaning in today’s world. While previously the main goal of education was thought to be equalizing people, education today seeks to promote independent critical thingking while respecting other people and cultures. Balanced education comprehensively addresses all aspects of children and adolescents’ development and contributes to the betterment of personal life.
“Nikoo International School” provides an educational environment with reimagined standards that tries to play an effective role in personal and social development by employing the latest scientific “international education” approaches targeted towards achievements in the world of Nikoo International School benefits from a globally-recognised curriculum and conforms to the human values of the third millennium by adhering to global approaches in education. All courses are in accordance with international protocols and promote the development of the learner’s personality in all aspects and redefines learning, problem solving, creativity, life skills and talent. By understanding the needs and requirements of today’s life, we want to train students who seek to Have strong intentions for progress
Be well able to communicate with different cultures
Be sensitive and proactive towards the issues around them
Be responsible citizens
Welcome group and collaborative work
Act thoughtfully, logically and creatively and in the face of challenges
Be altruistic, forgiving, verbally competent and ethical
We hope that by benefiting from the presence of internationally recognised industry leaders and pioneers in the fields of culture and education, and with the support of more than 3 decades of collective hands-on experiences, we can introduce the graduates of this school to the global community as ambassadors of a healthy and righteous school.

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Message from the Principal

In the name of God, whose wisdom shall always remain radiating, and never wavering We at Nikoo International School, regard students as divine gifts, invaluable and unique. It is therefore that we see providing them with every growth opportunity independent of ethnicity, race and religion, while taking personal differences into consideration, a top priority. Students at Nikoo are our children. Thus, we put an added emphasis on their physical and psychological health in a lively environment. At the beating heart of our values, we have centered the joy of learning, ethics, team-work, respect, resilience, creativity, commitment, life-long learning and competencies suited for the citizen of the 3rd Millennium.

We strive to institutionalise a culture of dialogue, peace, empathy and friendship for sustainable development. With the help of unique ideas, we are looking to implement an entirely reimagined educational system. We have a long way to perfection and side by side with our kids’ parents, it will be a journey unlike any other.


A life-long teacher, Maryam Delavar