Nikoo International School Online Class

Key Points, Class Links

Regarding the conduct of online classes, please pay attention to the following points:

۱. Internet Bandwidth: Ensure you have an internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 1 to 2 megabytes for a better online class experience.

۲. Appropriate Devices for Class: It is recommended to use a laptop or personal computer. Using a mobile phone is not advised.

۳. Browser Choice: Use browsers like Chrome or Firefox and avoid using Safari.

۴. Necessary Preparedness: Have the required equipment such as headphones, a microphone, and a webcam ready.

۵. “Session Not Started Yet” Message: If you see this message, wait for the teacher to enter the class or follow up with the educational deputy.

۶. Support: For support, send messages only to the WhatsApp number 09127221613.

۷. Installing Any Desk Software: Installing this software is mandatory for remote access to your device.

Download Link:

۸. Paying Attention to the Class Link and Entering the System: First, make sure you have entered the correct link to your class. After entering the class link, first select a profile picture, then type the student’s name and enter as a guest without needing a password.

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