Frequently Asked Questions

To enroll in NIKOO International Educational Complex, a student must have dual citizenship or two passports, or at least one of the parents must have a non-Iranian nationality. Additionally, families who have a valid long-term residency or visa from another country or have received an international job offer can apply for enrollment.


Yes, French is taught as a second language at NIKOO International Educational Complex, alongside English, allowing students to become acquainted with two international languages.


Persian language instruction for non-Persian speakers is conducted under the supervision of the Saadi Foundation to ensure students become well-acquainted with the Iranian language and culture.


The International General Diploma is issued by the complex, and students can use it to apply for further education in international universities after graduation.

Yes, the educational certificates issued by NIKOO Complex are valid and recognized by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Education International Affairs Center.


Graduates from NIKOO Complex with an International General Diploma can apply for further education in both local and international universities. However, the process of verifying the certificates must be completed through the respective embassies and the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



NIKOO International Educational Complex offers various extracurricular activities such as music, computer, and intellectual games to enhance skills beyond academic teachings.



The educational system at NIKOO Complex is based on a skill-centered methodology designed to develop citizens for the third millennium, incorporating modern approaches and international standards.


Yes, NIKOO International Educational Complex offers school transportation services for the convenience of students and their families.


Educational materials for the complex are sourced from reputable international publishers like Cambridge and Pearson to ensure adherence to international educational standards.


The academic calendar of the complex includes all national and international holidays and is designed to introduce students to different cultures, familiarizing them with global history and traditions.


NIKOO International Educational Complex has special programs for teaching the Persian language to non-Persian speaking students, conducted under the supervision of the Saadi Foundation.


Yes, students can transfer from other international schools to NIKOO Complex, provided they meet the necessary requirements for enrollment.



Parents should visit the school’s website and follow the online pre-registration process if they meet the necessary conditions. Following this, you will be contacted for further steps. During this stage, the necessary information will be provided, and your questions will be answered.

What You Should Know About NIKOO!

* The only school in the Middle East without a bell (stress-free).

* NIKOO’s vision is to cultivate thinkers, learners, and creators for the third millennium.

* Our motto is the joy of learning, and our mission is the holistic development of students with preservation of their dignity and worth in a safe and prestigious environment.

* NIKOO is a lifestyle.

* NIKOO International Educational Complex is licensed by the International Affairs Center of the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic and operates under the (TIS) educational system, serving both girls and boys sections to expatriates living in Iran and dual nationals.

* NIKOO International Girls’ Educational Complex offers services from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade (High School Diploma).

* NIKOO International Boys’ Educational Complex covers from second pre-kindergarten to eighth grade (first phase of high school) for the academic year 2023-2024, and from next year, it will include all grades.

* The academic year 2023-2024 at NIKOO International Complex begins on October 23, 2023.

* The start time for classes at NIKOO International Educational Complex (both girls and boys) is from 9 AM, and the end time varies between 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM, depending on the level.

* NIKOO International Educational Complex offers school bus services for the convenience of students and parents.

* The educational books used at the complex follow the international Iranian system and include prestigious international texts such as Cambridge, Pearson, etc.

* The educational method and framework at NIKOO International Complex are skill-based, aiming to develop citizens for the third millennium.

* All national and international festivals are celebrated at NIKOO International Complex.

* Textbooks are secular, with teaching focused on ethical issues.

* Persian reading and writing instruction is supervised by the Saadi Foundation and is offered as Persian language training for non-native speakers.

* The second language at NIKOO International Educational Complex is French.

* Students at NIKOO International Educational Complex wear special uniforms.

* Extracurricular classes at NIKOO International Educational Complex include music, computer, and intellectual games.

* The diploma from NIKOO International Educational Complex is the International General Diploma.

* Expatriate students first upload their transcripts on the Mikhak website and receive verification from this site, then it is signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iranian embassy in the origin country.

* The entrance examination includes pre-registration, psychological testing, and parental counseling before final registration.