Department of Biology

Department of Biology

In addition to the fact that the science of biology examines and groups organisms and their structure, function and evolution at different levels, it seems that a better understanding of biological phenomena in the science of biology requires the use of creativity.

The use of different methods for better understanding of biological materials and the use of creative methods requires a teacher who is primarily creative himself, able to adjust scientific subjects by improving his scientific abilities and updating them, and combine this ability with artistic education.

The teaching quality of every teacher is a reflection of his academic, physical and personality abilities. The teacher must have sufficient verbal ability. The use of verbal skills by the teacher makes learning better and more interesting.

Engaging students means creating a special desire or pull to actively seek something. The use of appropriate learning methods and techniques by teachers plays an important role in making them interested in certain subjects. Three solutions are suggested for this interest:

First, the student should be guided in a direction to gain a general understanding of biological issues. Although most of the students have been taught biology from a young age; But due to not having a general understanding of the subject, their basic knowledge is not able to create a general picture of what they have learned, even to the extent of biological theories and theories, and the student will feel this void once he enters the university. For this reason, the student’s interest and concentration should be focused on learning and mastering the material.

Second, most of the practical projects should be focused on interdisciplinary projects that focus on biological issues. These bio-based projects keep students interested.

Thirdly, what the teacher teaches, even the basic knowledge, should be in sync with the latest developments and what we teach should be explained in general, considering the limited class hours. Because with this work, the student is guided to expand his knowledge and the result is better learning of the biology lesson.