Research and Technology Department

Research and Technology Department

Can a student be a researcher? The answer is yes, but we must revisit the necessity of research, and research begins with education. If we want students to be researchers, the school must be research oriented. Before being a researcher, we must be readers. Research is not science, but wisdom. One of the problems of our researchers is that their analysis is weak and the reason is the lack of sociological, psychological, cultural and historical knowledge. The purpose of student research is to create a rational, questioning and critical spirit. You should practice problem solving with children so that they develop independence of thought and become self-learnes. Nikoo International School has carried out many activities in line with research; Including:

A general presentation on research

The importance of group research and grouping students in the most creative and effective way

Explanation about the fields of research within students can enter and showing videos prepared in this field, which include the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine, nano, nutrition, engineering, etc.

In order to promote the “student researcher” spirit, simple yet exciting experiments are conducted (production of slime, lava lamp, colored volcano, etc.) in addition to the main topics discussed, and concurringly, the children presented with drawings, posters, simple PowerPoint, poems and drama and… discuss the testing stages, properties and benefits of each.

Due to the selection of the bioplastic project to be presented in the most prestigious festivals of the year, the main focus of the activity is to provide preliminary information about plastic, its advantages and disadvantages, and then try to replace it biodegradable plastic.

Hoping for a good tomorrow for today’s thinkers