Child and Adolescent Self-Care workshop

کارگاه تربیت جنسی کودکان

Nikoo International Educational Complex is proud to announce that it will be hosting a Special Workshop at Nikoo: Child and Adolescent Self-Care , featuring Dr. Soroush, a respected specialist in the field.

Workshop Schedule:

– Monday, November 6, 2023: For parents of female students
– Monday, November 13, 2023: For parents of male students

Workshop Timings:

– ۹:۰۰ AM to 10:30 AM: Pre-school and First Grade
– ۱۱:۰۰ AM to 12:30 PM: Second to Fifth Grades
– ۱:۰۰ PM to 3:00 PM: Sixth to Twelfth Grades

Workshop Goals:

In this workshop, we will explore the process of acquiring information, attitudes, beliefs, and values about self-care, self-worth, and the enhancement of skills and awareness for judicious decision-making. Parents’ questions regarding how to educate and confront issues of self-care and self-esteem in children and adolescents will be addressed.

Invitation to Participate:

We invite you, dear parents, to participate in this workshop to provide your children with the opportunity to learn and become aware in these crucial and sensitive areas. We look forward to your warm presence and active participation!

Niko International Educational Complex is committed to the excellence and mental and physical health of its students, and considers the organization of these workshops as an important step in this direction.