Winter Season Meal Package Registration

Greetings and respect. We would like to inform you that the Autumn season meal package at Nikoo International Educational Complex has concluded on the ۲۹th of Azar. In this regard, esteemed families who wish for their children to benefit from the school’s meal service starting from the ۲nd of Dey must register for the Winter season meal package.

⭐️ Please be aware that the costs for the days announced as holidays due to air pollution have been deducted from the total cost of the new package. This decision has been made to facilitate the management of expenses for families and to maintain the health of students in unsuitable weather conditions.

For registration and more information, please proceed through the following link:

Note: To access the link, it is necessary to turn off your VPN.

Thank you for your cooperation in enhancing the educational and welfare services for your children.