Workshop on Positive Discipline and Classroom Management

Enhancing Educational Skills at NIKOO

Active Participation of Teachers and Instructors in the “Positive Discipline and Classroom Management” Workshop

NIKOO International Educational Complex is conducting the “Positive Discipline and Classroom Management” workshop to strengthen and upgrade the knowledge and skills of its human resources. This workshop is supervised by one of the renowned international educators at the boys’ branch of the educational complex.

At the beginning of this two-day educational course, Dr. Delavar, the founder and director of the NIKOO complex, emphasized the importance of awareness and staying updated with the latest methods and approaches in teaching. She also expressed gratitude to the Parents and Teachers Association for their collaboration in organizing this workshop.

This educational workshop, a part of NIKOO International Educational Complex’s advanced educational system, includes ongoing training, assessments, and coaching for teachers. The active participation and engagement of NIKOO’s teachers and instructors in this program demonstrate their commitment to the continuous improvement of the teaching and learning process.