Specialized Workshop on Parent-Child Communication Skills and Conscious Talent Identification

💡 Nikoo International Educational Complex is proud to conduct a specialized workshop focused on strengthening the bond between parents and children and introducing modern methods of talent identification.

💫 Date and Venue of the Event:

– Tuesday, January 15, 2024
– Location: Boys’ Complex Assembly Hall

⏰ Workshop Hours:

– 🕘 From 1 PM to 3 PM

📚 The workshop is tailored for parents of students from pre-school to the final year of high school, both girls and boys.

🎓 Workshop Instructor:

– Dr. Mohammad Abbasi, Ph.D. in Psychology, and a distinguished expert in parent-child communication and talent identification.

📣 Entrance is open to all parents of both daughters and sons.

We recognize the importance of nurturing your children’s skills and have organized this workshop as an opportunity to enhance parents’ knowledge and skills for optimal support of their children’s talents. This workshop is designed to create a positive and constructive communicative experience between parents and children and to identify and nurture talents.

🌐 We look forward to your warm presence.