Nikoo’s Educational Activities Resumption: A Special Guide for Parents and Students for Returning to School

📣 Attention Valued Parents and Dear Students,

📘 Please be informed that Nikoo’s Branch 1 and Branch 2 schools will resume operations from Sunday, the first day of Bahman, following the previous schedule.

Please pay attention to the following:

۱. Parents who have not yet collected their children’s report cards can do so on Sunday and Monday (the first and second of Bahman) from 14:00 to 15:00.

۲. Timely attendance before 9:00 am in school uniform is mandatory for all students. Wearing a school uniform is essential for future professional development and personal and social identity growth. Therefore, parents are expected to show more cooperation in this regard.

۳. Considering the cold weather, students must wear warm and appropriate clothing.

۴. Take care of the health of our dear students during the cold season to prevent illness. If any symptoms of illness are observed, please inform the school and allow them to rest at home with a doctor’s advice.

Nikoo International Educational Complex