Understanding and Managing Emotions; Stress and Negative Moods Workshop

🗓 Workshop Dates:
– 🌸 Saturday, February 3, 2024: Girls’ Complex
– 🌱 Monday, February 5, 2024: Boys’ Complex

⏰ Workshop Hours:
– 🕘 ۹:۳۰ AM to 11 AM for preschool and grades one to four
– 🕚 ۱ PM to 2:30 PM for grades five and above

👩‍🏫 Instructor: Dr. Soroush

📣 This workshop focuses on the emotional system and its effects, as emotions have a direct and significant impact on individuals’ behaviors and external reactions, forming a fundamental aspect of human existence. Learning emotional management holds great importance in human life, and neglecting emotions, emotional regulation, and emotion regulation strategies can lead to serious damages in personal and social life.

🌈 We look forward to your warm presence and active participation in this beneficial workshop! 🤝