Sports Camp for NIKOO School Branch 2 (Boys)

Greetings and respect,
🎯 We appreciate the follow-up and support of Dr. Basir and would like to inform the parents of the boys’ school that the students’ sports camp will be held on Wednesday, February 14th, from 9 AM to 12 PM in the indoor halls of the Enghelab Sports Complex (Padideh Club).

Please pay attention to the following points:

۱. The camp is dedicated to badminton, volleyball, basketball, and futsal.
۲. Each student is allowed to participate in only one sport. The sports preference for each student has been determined based on a needs assessment by the school.
۳. Considering the chosen sports discipline and to make better use of the opportunity, students should bring their sports equipment: badminton racket and shuttlecock / volleyball / basketball / futsal ball.
۴. Please submit the consent form to the school (Mrs. Sharifi) by 2 PM on Tuesday at the latest.
۵. Considering all students are expected to attend the camp, if there is no consent, your child should stay home.
۶. To facilitate preparations, all students must be present at the school by 8:45 AM. The buses will leave at 9:15 AM to arrive at the club on time.
۷. It’s advisable for your child to have a sports bag. Place appropriate sports attire in the bag for them. The camp location is indoors, yet it’s recommended that students also have warm clothing.
۸. Remind your child that they are not allowed to consume snacks or use water bottles while in the hall.
۹. Snacks and water bottles will be provided for students after the end of the sports activities and upon exiting the hall.
۱۰. Students will return to the school by 1 PM and will have lunch at the school. After lunch, the school’s educational program will continue as usual.

Mrs. Mohammadi is responsible for medical and nursing affairs during the camp.
Mr. Zarabi is in charge of the camp’s execution.

📞 Should you need to, you can contact the following numbers on the day of the camp:

Mr. Zarabi / 09123962393
Mrs. Sharifi / 09123362379

We kindly ask you to seriously consider these points and comply with the requests to help us organize and coordinate the activities.

۱. Some parents delay in completing and submitting the consent form. This causes several issues:
– Our colleagues have to spend a lot of time coordinating and collecting consent forms.
– It complicates the final count of participants and arranging transportation.
– Buses depart late, diminishing the time available for the camp.
Therefore, we expect the consent forms to be completed and submitted as soon as possible to avoid disruptions to the camp schedule.

۲. On the day of the camp, students must arrive at the school earlier. Any student’s delay causes the roll call to extend, and students board the buses late. Please ensure your child is at the school by 8:45 AM so that preparations for the students can be made more efficiently. Naturally, if students board the buses on time, they will have more time to enjoy the camp.

۳. According to the club’s rules, eating and drinking inside the sports halls are prohibited. Students can use the water cooler outside the halls for drinking. Snacks can be consumed after the sports activities and upon exiting the hall.
Please adhere to the above points and remind your child of the necessary instructions. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of all you supportive parents in advance.