Enhancing Students’ Financial Literacy with NIKOO Shopping Excursion

Greetings to the esteemed parents of NIKOO students,

NIKOO School plans to offer an exceptional opportunity for enhancing your children’s financial literacy through an educational shopping excursion 🛒. The outing aims to introduce fundamental concepts of financial management, smart decision-making, and teamwork to the students, and will be held on the following dates:

– Pre-school:

📅 Monday, 7th of Esfand month

– First grade:

📅 Tuesday, 8th of Esfand month

The excursion will take place at Jam Center, one of the modern and appealing shopping centers in the city.

To actively participate in this educational program, we kindly ask you to thoroughly read the details, complete the consent form, and submit it to the school’s public relations office no later than the day before the excursion. Parents who cannot submit the form in person may obtain a printed copy from the school’s communication channels and deliver it on the day of the event.

This trip is a unique opportunity for practical training in budget management 💰, time ⏰, and financial decision-making.

The main objectives of this excursion are:

۱. Choice Exercise: Students should select only one item from all the available items in the store that fits within their budget.
۲. Teamwork Exercise: Students are expected to assist each other and consult with coaches and salespeople during their time in the store to make the best choice.
۳. Time and Budget Management Exercise: The duration of the store visit, the students’ budget, and the number of items that can be purchased are deliberately limited to teach time and place management.
۴. Responsibility Exercise: This excursion provides an opportunity for the children to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Hence, we offer them the chance to observe, assess, and make choices. We expect you to respect their selection upon returning home.
۵. Resilience Exercise: Patience and waiting for other students to make purchases.

Your timely presence at the school and cooperation in completing and submitting the consent form will assist us in better organizing this program.

We hope this educational experience will be a positive step towards nurturing life skills in our children.

The consent form has been published on NIKOO’s exclusive channels.

Thank you for your cooperation,

NIKOO International School 🏫