۴۰ Tips for Success in Personal Change from Craig Harper’s Perspective

Reclusion in the Manner of Others

Craig Harper, an author, researcher, radio and television presenter, and a professional speaker,
has been recognized as a success expert in personal and social areas over the past 25 years. Harper also runs a website about effective speaking, where he writes: “I have wanted to condense the important parts of self-help books I’ve read and the experiences I’ve had in my life into 40 key points and make them available to others so they can read them at any time. Certainly, books that sell worldwide about self-help might be useful for some, but I wish to write something that proves useful for everyone.”

Here are Craig Harper’s 40 tips. Read and judge for yourself.

  1. They see and find opportunities that others do not.
  2. They learn from problems, while others only see problems.
  3. They focus on solutions.
  4. They intelligently and methodically build their success, while others wish for success to come to them.
  5. They have fears like everyone else, but they do not let fear control or limit them.
  6. They ask themselves the right questions, questions that put them on a positive mental and spiritual path.
  7. They rarely complain and do not waste their energy on it. All that complaining does is put the person on a path of negativity and fruitlessness.
  8. They do not blame (what’s the point?) They take full responsibility for their actions and their outcomes.
  9. They are always busy, active, and productive. When most people are resting, they are planning and thinking to have less stress when they do their work.
  10. When they need to use more capacity than they have, they always find a way to increase their capacity and expect more from themselves. They use what they have in a more efficient manner.
  11. They align themselves with like-minded people. They understand the importance and value of being part of a group.
  12. They are ambitious and want to be amazing. They consciously choose to live the best life possible and do not let their lives pass by automatically.
  13. They know exactly what they want and do not want in life. They visualize and design the best reality for themselves rather than just being spectators of life.
  14. They innovate more than they imitate.
  15. They do not procrastinate and do not waste their life waiting for the best time to do something.
  1. They are lifelong learners and constantly work on themselves. They learn through various means such as formal education, observation, listening, asking, reading, and experiencing.
  2. They always see the glass half full and have the ability to find the right way.
  3. They know exactly what to do and do not waste their life jumping from one thing to another.
  4. They take calculated risks; financial, emotional, and career risks.
  5. They confront problems and challenges quickly and effectively, and never bury their heads in the sand. They face challenges and use them for their advancement.
  6. They do not wait for fate, destiny, or luck to shape their future. They believe that through commitment, effort, and activity, they create the best life for themselves.
  7. When most people are doing nothing; they are active. They act before being forced to do something.
  8. They have more control over their emotions than average people. They experience the same emotions as we do, but they are never slaves to their emotions.
  9. They are good communicators and work on their relationships.
  10. They have plans for their life and strive to execute those plans. Their life is free from unplanned activities and random outcomes.
  11. When most people would do anything to avoid suffering and being in difficult situations, successful people understand the value and importance of working and being in tough situations.
  12. They have clear life values and build their life around those values.
  13. They have balance. When they are financially successful, they know that money and success are not synonymous. They understand that people who are only financially well-off are not successful. While many think money equals success, they realize that money, like everything else, is a means to achieve success.
  14. They understand the importance of self-control. They are strong and happy to walk a path that few can follow.
  15. They are confident in themselves and do not care about where they live, what they have, and how they look.
  16. They are generous and kind and are happy to help others achieve their goals.
  17. They are humble, gladly accept their mistakes, and apologize easily. They are confident in their abilities but do not become arrogant. They are happy to learn from others and enjoy helping others look good more than achieving personal honors.
  18. They are flexible and embrace change. When a situation disrupts their habits and daily comforts, they welcome it with open arms and accept the new and unknown situation.
  19. They always maintain their physical health in optimal condition, knowing that their body is the home they live in, and therefore, physical health is very important to them.
  20. They have a strong and powerful engine. They work hard and are not lazy.
  21. They always anticipate the consequences of their actions.
  22. They do not associate with bad-natured and unreasonable people.
  23. They do not spend time and energy on situations out of their control.
  24. They have an on-off switch. They know how to rest and relax. They enjoy their life and have fun.
  25. They practice what they learn. They do not fantasize about strange and bizarre theories, but live realistically.

Ibrahim Aslani