An Interview with 8th Grade Students on Charity and the Business Market

Greetings to the lovely Nikoo family,

In an inspirational conversation, Mrs. Shahreh Mohammadi sits down with a group of eighth-grade students to share their creative minds and hearts full of hope, experiences, and views on the role of charities and their impact on the business world. This interview is a window into the world of thoughts of young people who, more than ever, want to create positive changes in the world.

Join us to witness how this new generation, with a deep understanding of concepts like philanthropy and entrepreneurial spirit, is shaping not only their future but also the future of our society.

This ۱۵-minute interview invites you into the world of thoughts of the next generation. Listen to be inspired, to be moved, and perhaps even to be motivated to perform a good deed.

We look forward to hearing your warm feedback.
So, join us and let’s experience the voice of hope together.