Hearts’ Spring; Blessed Birth of the World’s Savior

As we approach Mid-Sha’ban, the auspicious birth of Imam Mahdi (AS), Nikoo International School extends its warmest congratulations to all its members including students, parents, teachers, and staff. Let us remember that this occasion transcends religious and cultural boundaries, bringing a message of hope, justice, and peaceful coexistence to humanity.

Nikoo International School, with a focus on high human values and universal teachings, believes that education should prepare students to understand and embrace diversity and differences. This sacred occasion is an opportunity to reflect on values such as patience, tolerance, and compassion for all beings, and to strive towards creating a better and more just world.

Let us celebrate this occasion as a moment of reflection and recommitment to working for peace, friendship, and empathy. Nikoo International School is committed to advancing these ideals, offering an education that enables students to act as responsible and informed global citizens in the future.

Wishing days filled with light, hope, and solidarity

for the great community of Nikoo International School and the entire world