Nurturing in the Beauty of Nature

🌱 Although many people prefer spring and see the beauty and wonders of nature in it, all of God’s seasons are beautiful. Each season is a symbol of life and has its own meaning and message.

Education has many similarities with nature. Nature is beautiful, simple, diverse, ever-changing, resilient, patient, fruitful, flourishing, balanced, and if left untouched by humans, it self-regulates.

Education, inspired by nature, can be similar. According to many thinkers and great educators, the act of educating is like gardening. A gardener does not force a flower to bloom but rather facilitates conditions for the flower to grow and go through its growth stages on its own.

🌼 We are approaching another spring. Spring brings a fresh breath to souls. Spring brings diversity and colorfulness. Spring transforms nature from one state to another. Spring brings feelings of empathy, kindness, love, and peace. Spring reminds us that life is a gift. And we too wish to be spring-like and apply the teachings of spring in education.

🌷 We greet spring, nature, and education;

We hope that in these difficult times facing the people of Iran, the freshness, colorfulness, and magical beauty of spring bring good spirits to everyone. We take pride in being teachers and having the opportunity to be inspired by nature and nurture flowers.

Happy New Year and Nowruz 1403. We wish beauty, joy, and laughter for everyone.

As Fereydoon Moshiri once said:

Wherever a flower laughs, laugh with a friend.

Whenever spring comes, bubble with love.

Maryam Delavar