Invitation to Nights of Wonder: Blending Art and Science in an Educational Program

🌌 Nikooverse at Nikoo International School presents: “Nights of Wonder”


Nikooverse, at Nikoo International School, offers a new course titled “Nights of Wonder” for students. This educational program is designed to enhance scientific knowledge and empower students in the fields of creativity and personal independence.

In this course focused on gamification, scientific concepts are presented in an innovative and exciting way by game design experts. “Nights of Wonder” not only provides an environment for learning new concepts but also offers an opportunity for students to enhance their practical and problem-solving skills alongside their classmates in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Gamification of scientific concepts (like Astronomy, Physics-Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics)
  • Confidence building and self-belief enhancement
  • Individual and group problem-solving skills
  • Storytelling and story design practice aimed at boosting creativity
  • Training in practical skills

Important Notes:

  • The venue is Nikoo International School’s girls’ branch.
  • To enhance the sense of independence in participants, parents are not allowed to accompany the student or be present at the school premises.
  • An electronic profile of each student’s activities is prepared and delivered to the parents.
  • All scientific concepts are taught through games designed by game design experts.
  • Practical training prepares for camps with greater difficulty (like desert camps, mountaineering, and nature camps).
  • During their time at school, students are not allowed to carry or use communication and electronic devices.

The First Session of Nights of Wonder:

  • Exclusively for students of the girls’ unit
  • Date: 30th of Farvardin 1403
  • Age group: Grades 2 to 5
  • The scientific theme of this session: Astronomy and Navigation
  • Registration deadline: End of business on Tuesday
  • Due to the need for close supervision of students, the program capacity is very limited.
  • Admission to participate in the course is conditional, which will be informed at the time of registration.
  • To participate in subsequent courses, students must have participated in this stage.
  • To register, contact Ms. Bordbari, the respected public relations officer of the school.
  • Contact number for Ms. Bordbari: ۰۹۱۹۰۰۳۳۴۹۱