Boosting Student Learning Through Creativity

World Creativity and Innovation Day

Congratulations from Nikoo International Educational Complex to Students and Parents

In today’s world, creativity is not only the driving force behind extensive transformations in technology and science but also recognized as one of the most important skills of the 21st century for students. Understanding this, Nikoo International Educational Complex has devised various programs to cultivate and enhance students’ creativity. From creativity classes to the use of modern technological tools, everything is designed to develop students’ intellectual and creative thought.

Creativity Workshops at Nikoo

Nikoo International Educational Complex offers a variety of workshops for students to encourage and strengthen creativity. In these workshops, students engage in solving various problems using innovative and intellectual approaches, which enhances their analytical power and the generation of new ideas.

Using Technology to Enhance Creativity

Ms. Sajedi, the computer teacher at the girls’ branch, has created a creative environment for students using the Scratch software and practice with student robots. In addition, Ms. Sajedi conducts various activities in the fields of Photoshop and website design, which help develop students’ technical skills in the digital age. Besides these subjects, Ms. Sajedi employs techniques of ideation and global innovations, combining the two to achieve significant inventions. So far, Nikoo students have won top ranks in various international competitions in countries such as Canada, France, Taiwan, Turkey, China, and Japan in fields of inventions, talent discovery, art, and music.

Mr. Shahmaleki, Creativity and Computer Teacher at Nikoo Boys Branch

Mr. Shahmaleki organizes various activities including skill workshops and practical projects, helping students to apply and directly experience their creativity. These activities lead to the development of systematic and creative thinking among students.

Physics and Chemistry Laboratories at Nikoo

The physics and chemistry laboratories of the complex, equipped with advanced facilities and led by creative and energetic teachers, play a significant role in deep learning for students. These laboratories allow students to directly and practically understand scientific concepts and relate them to real life.

The successes of Nikoo International Educational Complex in nurturing students’ creativity owe much to the insight and guidance of Ms. Delavar and Mr. Aslani at the girls’ and boys’ branches, respectively. Their tireless efforts and unwavering support have made the complex a leader in the field of education in creativity and innovation. We sincerely thank them and wish them and all the students continued success.