Educational Excursion to the Book Garden Complex

Nikoo International Educational Complex is organizing a fun and lively excursion at the Bagh-e Ketab cultural and recreational complex to boost the spirits and energy of the students. This exciting outing is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th, specifically for Branch 1 girls, from pre-school to third grade.

Excursion Timing:
– Departure: Students will gather and be transported from the girls’ school (Shariati) at 9:00 AM to Bagh-e Ketab.
– Return: Return to school at 2:00 PM.

Food Arrangements:
– Students who receive breakfast and lunch from the school will be provided with breakfast before departure and lunch upon return.
– A delicious snack will also be provided to all participants to create sweet and memorable moments.

Dress Code:
Students are required to wear the school’s formal uniform on this joyful day to maintain order and coordination in the activities.

This excursion is an opportunity to experience joyful and unforgettable moments with friends and teachers, accompanied by cultural and recreational activities prepared for our students. We look forward to your warm and energetic presence!