Persian Gulf Day Greetings; A Long-standing Pride in Iran’s History

A Historical and Cultural Identity

🌊 The Persian Gulf, an ancient symbol and an inseparable part of Iran’s ancient history, has always been a crucial axis in the cultural and trade relations of the region. World Persian Gulf Day provides an opportunity to remember that this body of water has taken its name from the great and ancient civilization of Iran and is an integral part of our national identity.

The Importance of Naming in History

🌍 The naming of the Persian Gulf extends beyond a geographical issue; it reflects the depth of historical and cultural relationships that Iranians have with this sea. Numerous historical and geographical documents demonstrate that the Persian Gulf has always been a part of Iran’s historical and cultural identity.

Pride in Documented History

📜 Emphasizing the use of the historical name Persian Gulf is not only a national matter but also an international issue that represents respect for the history and culture of any nation. World Persian Gulf Day is an opportunity to remind us how history can be present with us and assist us in better understanding our identity.

We congratulate all Iranians on this day and hope that we always take pride in this historical heritage.

Additionally, on Tuesday, April 30th, Dr. Pirooz Mojtahedzadeh, a professor of political geography and a researcher in Iranian political studies, will speak at the Nikoo Girls’ Branch. This event is an opportunity for education anddeepening insight in this historical and cultural field.