Specialized Workshop on Legislation and Law Avoidance at Nikoo

👩‍🏫 Workshop Introduction

The Nikoo International Educational Complex is proud to announce the specialized workshop on “Legislation and Law Avoidance,” presented by Dr. Soroush, an expert in child and adolescent psychology. This workshop will explore the principles and foundations of legislation in educational settings and its impact on the growth and mental health of participants.

🗓 Time and Place

  • 🌸 Tuesday, May 6, 2024, Girls’ Campus
  • 🌱 Tuesday, May 13, 2024, Boys’ Campus

⏰ Workshop Hours

🕘 From 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM for all educational levels

📣 Workshop Content

In this specialized workshop, the necessity of legislation in educational environments and its role in maintaining mental health will be addressed. Additionally, practical methods of legislation and enforcement of laws will be discussed, with attention to the developmental stages of children and adolescents.

🌈 Call for Participation

We look forward to your warm presence and active participation in this valuable and significant workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity to familiarize yourself with effective principles and techniques of legislation in educational settings and enhance your personal and social growth!

🤝 Forward to learning and advancing knowledge in a friendly and supportive atmosphere!