In this place, time is of the essence!

By Samaneh Asayesh

‘Mr. Tajili called his home at 11 a.m. and ordered Ghormeh Sabzi for lunch that same day. His colleague, Mr. Sabourian, also called at the same time and ordered Ghormeh Sabzi for lunch the next day. When the time came to eat, both enjoyed their Ghormeh Sabzi.’ Now, you judge which one had the tastier and more delicious Ghormeh Sabzi?

The answer is quite simple. We unanimously believe that the food Mr. Sabourian ate, in terms of quality, is incomparable to the similar dish Mr. Tajili had. The primary reason for the quality of Mr. Sabourian’s food is clear and obvious. The appropriate time for cooking, especially for a dish like Ghormeh Sabzi, is extremely important. Although other factors such as ingredients play a role, the main reason that distinguishes this dish is the planning and time allocated to it. In a way, time management has helped the food to be well-prepared. Indeed, many productions, whether industrial, cultural, or educational, follow a time-consuming process. Especially cultural products are subject to a longer process. Education and nurturing young minds are fundamentally a process, not a product! It is a long-term process. How can we then, in major educational and cultural projects, overlook the process and focus on the destination, hoping that a short time will also lead to results, and be content with premature outcomes!

While what is noteworthy and of higher importance in this matter is the process, not the product. A process-oriented approach inherently guarantees and ensures quality and is a comprehensive work perspective. In other words, we must be sure that this path will lead us to the final destination. Because education is a one-way process and shortcuts are prohibited, and we cannot be forced to start over after a long process! Although it is necessary to exercise the required care in carrying out educational and cultural projects and consider various factors, if we underestimate and downplay the important factor of time and rush in actions, especially in fundamental and transformative actions, we will harvest an immature and unripe product. Therefore, it is appropriate and fitting in carrying out major projects, especially transformative and fundamental ones, not to underestimate the factor of time, the temporal process, and the measures under consideration, and not to sacrifice the desired outcome for performance reports.