Reflection of Two Days of Educational and Development Activities at Nikoo

🗓️ Sunday, January 14th, and Monday, January 15th, 2023:

At the Nikoo International Education Complex, two productive days filled with interaction and exchange of views among educational and executive colleagues concluded. These sessions, with the presence of the special guest, Mr. Seyyed Razi, and his valuable speeches, delved into profound and important discussions in the field of education and training.

🔴 Mr. Dortaj, Mr. Hazem Elkelas, and Mrs. Khaghani: Focused on learning challenges and regulated and effective use of social media in schools.

🔴 Dr. Delavar: Addressed lived and specialized challenges and collectively solved conflicts, examining modern processes of learning and teaching. Utilizing the lived experiences of teachers and presenting more than 40 practical keywords on the principles of learning and teaching processes, she emphasized that “Teachers teach teachers” is the deepest level of education.

🌟 Wisdom-Laden Words of Mr. Seyyed Razi:

The words of Mr. Seyyed Razi provided a fresh and strategic perspective to teachers and staff, redefining the role of a teacher in the classroom, focusing more on the responsibility of learning rather than just teaching, hoping to be a guiding light for the continuous excellence of schools.

🔥 Interactive and Collaborative Atmosphere of the Sessions:

Teachers and colleagues actively participated in the sessions, freely exchanging ideas and experiences, indicative of a dynamic and fertile environment for learning and development.

🌟 Message from Dr. Delavar Following the Teacher Development Sessions:

At the end of two days of educational and development activities at the Nikoo International Education Complex, Dr. Delavar appreciated the colleagues who participated in these sessions and shared their knowledge and experiences, emphasizing the importance of empathy and collaboration in

the Education Complex. She stated that “the good mood of the school depends on the good mood of the students,” urging all colleagues to commit to creating an active and joyful educational environment and to continue effective collaboration that contributes to the holistic growth of students and the development of the school. She also emphasized the approach of “Teachers teach teachers,” explaining that this method of cooperation and experience sharing among teachers not only enhances the quality of education but also boosts motivation and creativity among colleagues.

Dr. Delavar expressed her hope that colleagues, with greater energy and dedication, would contribute to future activities, transforming the Nikoo International Education Complex into a place for learning, growth, and flourishing of all students and teachers.