Special Call for NIKOO Complex Karate Students for Belt Promotion

With utmost respect,

We would like to inform the esteemed families and respected parents of the students at NIKOO International Educational Complex that our Sports Department has designed a special program aimed at promoting and enhancing physical activities and competitive spirit. In this context, an exceptional opportunity has been arranged for students interested in karate to be supervised by Ms. Toghanyan, PE teacher, coach, and official referee of the World Karate Federation, to have the chance to upgrade their belt through the World Karate Federation.

For this purpose, eligible students must provide three photos and a copy of their identification document, along with a fee of 200,000 Tomans for the official decree from the World Karate Federation for the license to purchase and use a blue or yellow belt (specifically for students who hold a blue belt), in cash.

Please submit the required documents by March 6th to Ms. Sharifi.

Join us on this exciting journey and witness the sporting successes of your children.

It is emphasized that all documents must be fully provided in an envelope, and both photos and envelopes must be carefully labeled.

We aim to create an environment where students can maximize their physical and mental abilities and take advantage of growth and development opportunities. Thank you for your support,

Sports Department of NIKOO International Educational Complex