Innovation and Change: A New School Vision by Dr. Delavar

📜 The History of Modern Schools in our country, based on the establishment of Darolfonoon, dates back about ۱۷۰ years. School management has experienced many ups and downs during this time, but in a brief summary, it can be said that the formal education system (Education and Training) has not had a successful record in school management.

🔍 In this regard, what is more noticeable are the mistakes and deviations that have existed and still exist in school management. Briefly, I will mention a few points:

  • Incorrect views on learning and the use of forceful and imposing teaching methods
  • Grade orientation and equating the amount of learning with grades and report cards
  • Competitiveness and the use of motivational tools based on envy and coercion
  • Injective education and the illusion of the effectiveness of one-sided control methods for student behavior modification
  • Control orientation and the perceived necessity of directing student behavior through strict control and continuous oversight
  • Emphasis on repetition and extensive studying rather than correct teaching and effective learning
  • Focus on financial capabilities and equipment without regard to resource management
  • Lack of understanding the importance of educational management and gross negligence in training expert managers for school management

🚀 At Nikoo International School, we seek a different kind of school; one based on a correct understanding of educational principles, a contemporary view of student needs, avoidance of forceful and mandatory actions, emphasis on independence and self-regulation for students, respect for differences, fostering empathy and altruism, and efficient and effective teaching methods.

🌐 Undertaking a different task requires a different kind of support. Parents who only assess their child’s school situation based on grades, obedience, service provision, and an unchallenging environment might not align with our approach to education and school management. We welcome the presence of parents who seek to nurture a thoughtful, creative, third-millennium citizen with life skills to face challenges and solve problems.