Nikoo Students Shine at the Second Iran-Africa Summit

On Friday, April 26, 2024, students from Nikoo International School performed an exceptional show titled “Nikoo Peace” at the Summit Hall in Tehran. This performance was part of the opening ceremony of the second Iran-Africa Summit, attended by the President of Iran and representatives from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries, as well as international business leaders.

We proudly showcased our students’ rehearsals under the supervision of Dr. Rezaei and Dr. Delavar, the director of the Nikoo complex. Videos of these rehearsals and clips of students expressing their feelings after the performance are available below.

At the end of the event, Dr. Delavar and the executive team thanked and appreciated the Nikoo members. The text prepared by Mr. Rezaei, expressing special gratitude for the efforts of all members, follows.

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Thank you for your continued support. We hope these successive honors will continue and lead to even greater pride for Nikoo International Educational Complex on the international stage.

Stay strong and proud,
Management of Nikoo International Educational Complex

What an incredible team… What a Nikoo team…

A few months ago, we had a meeting with Dr. Delavar about a rough proposal. The meeting’s topic? The Nikoo Peace show.

A multimedia performance featuring students from various grades without any censorship or talent screening… Is it possible? Without the usual stress-filled rehearsal meetings? Even imagining today’s success was unbelievable back then.

I might not have believed in such a proposal myself.

But the tall, insightful manager of Nikoo saw something else in the raw material. With full confidence and support from the beloved Dr. Delavar, the work began.

After this meeting, the Kolahi family joined us, fully prepared to help organize the work and handle decoration tasks. That same day, the lovely Miss Aida and Mrs. Akbari announced they would be with us. Without censorship and stress, we tried to engage the students in the project, and a few weeks later, we met with you, dear parents. The great Nikoo train had started moving, bigger and stronger than before.

Today, I felt my smallness in the greatness of this team. What a unique team…

Everywhere I looked, I saw a lover tirelessly working. Running back and forth to ensure the Nikoo children were at ease and ready to perform. Everyone was genuine… Everyone was passionate…

After the performance, we were invited by various countries, and high-ranking political figures approached the children, and we almost heard a common phrase from everyone: “You touched our hearts.”

Ms. Kolahi and Mr. Kolahi, I am incapable of thanking you enough for your sincere efforts.

Dear Miss Aida, I am deeply grateful for your companionship and love for these children. This could not have been possible without your enthusiasm and energy.

Mrs. Samei, whose heart always beats for Nikoo, today’s success would not have been possible without your wise presence and your deep, specialized, and precise opinions. The children’s discipline is due to your motherly presence.

Mrs. Akbari, thank you for your presence, which made the rehearsal and performance atmosphere stress-free for our children.

Dear Mrs. Bordbari, your involvement in various stages of rehearsal was incredibly valuable.

Mr. Hazem Elkallas, your sincere energy, alongside your media expertise, was extremely valuable for Nikoo.

Special thanks to Ms. Nousha Salehi, an eleventh-grade student, who from the beginning showed a level of commitment and work ethic far beyond that of a student. Today’s performance by her, which created a shock in the middle of the hall and her impactful act that was met with unified applause, was the act of a professional actor. Nikoo is proud to have such a founding member.

Nikoo was the only school in Iran to perform immediately after the President at this significant ceremony. The starting point for this event is Dr. Delavar. Her trust in the team, her staunch standing by this team, her precise vision derived from experience and knowledge, and her efforts to create such a unique opportunity for the Nikoo children are commendable. I am proud to have met such a manager in my life.

Today, Nikoo is a group that has successfully performed in the most important political conference halls in Iran, in an

assembly at the level of the President, ministers, and ambassadors of various countries.

Now, with confidence, it can be said: An international performance team.

During the performance, we received extensive applause four times, and the audience watched the show with tearful eyes. We too had tearful eyes, and the Nikoo children were so good…

What an extraordinary team… What a Nikoo team

Stay enduring
Ali Rezaei
April 26, 2024